Using Camus

Camus is a video chat app that uses WebRTC, which allows you to stream media like audio and video directly to another user's web browser. To get started, create a room and invite others to join by sharing the link. To keep out unwanted visitors, it's recommended that you give your room a long unguessable name and/or protect it with a strong password.

Before entering a room, you will be prompted to enter a nickname and select a microphone and camera. Devices selected here will be enabled immediately when you enter the room. If you don't select any devices, you can still enable your microphone or camera after entering the room.

Inside the room, click on the videocam, mic, and screen_share buttons to toggle your camera, microphone, or screen sharing. To view and send text messages to other users in the room, click on the message button at the top right. When you send a message, it will be sent to all users currently connected to the room.

As users enter the room, new video feeds will appear. You can drag and drop one video feed onto another to swap their positions in the layout.


Camus is free and open-source software, licensed under the GNU AGPLv3 or later. You can find the source code on GitHub.

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